Antibacterial Screen Protectors

The increasing use of mobile devices has given rise to the concern of bacteria, mobile devices are often seen as a source of bacteria, studies show that on many touch based displays more bacteria are found than on an average toilet seat. Protect your device with an Antibacterial film and protect yourself against the spread of flu this season.

How do Antibacterial screen protectors work?

Antibacterial screen protectors actively kill and mitigate against bacteria. They combine two important functions: the protection of the screen from scratches and the prevention of the spread of pathogens.

Our technology embeds antibacterial agents on the screen protector’s outer layer, killing the bacteria on your display. These active metal-oxide agents are harmless to the human body but deadly for bacteria. This antibacterial layer is also solvent resistant, allowing the antibacterial effect to remain effective in harsh environments.

This technology has been tested by Quality Labs BT GmbH in Nuremberg, Germany an accredited laboratory by the German Government, under the antimicrobial norm ISO 22196.

Discover our range of antibacterial screen protectors for your device. We can also tailor a solution specific to your devices, needs and requirements.

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