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Discover our premium screen protectors crafted from cutting-edge materials to suit any device. Choose from nano glass for superior clarity and scratch resistance, matte finishes for reduced glare and fingerprints, or opt for specialty options like anti-blue light filters and privacy protectors. Elevate your device's durability and enhance your visual experience with our diverse selection of high-quality screen protectors.
Optic+ Screen Protectors

Optic+ Nano Glass

Nano Glass is a premium, new generation of flexible tempered glass screen protector. Offering our highest level of protection, in a crystal-clear finish with an anti-fingerprint coating.
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Anti-Glare Screen Protectors

Optic+ Anti-Glare

Optic+ Anti-Glare works to reduce annoying glare and reflections on your devices display, while providing a great level of all-round protection from damage, with the additional benefit of a matte finish.
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Film Screen Protectors

Optic+ Premium Film

Strong PET-based film provides an essential layer of protection from damage, while offering true clarity, available in larger pack sizes for thousands of devices at our most competitive prices.
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Blue Light Blocking Screen Protectors

Optic+ Blue Light Blocking

Our most innovative range, Optic+ Blue Light Blocking Screen Protectors effectively filter out light that falls in the blue light range, with the additional benefit of filtering out light that falls in the UV range.
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Clear Diamond Screen Protectors

Clear Diamond

ScreenShield is proud to be the exclusive retailer of Clear Diamond Anti-Viral screen protectors, proven to neutralise Viruses, including Covid-19, and bacteria - these Screen Protectors are an essential addition to your touch screen.
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3M Privacy Filters

Optic+ Privacy

Leveraging microscopic micro-louvre technology, Privacy Screen Protectors put an end to prying eyes and keep your information private. Perfect for public transport or monitors where content is sensitive or confidential.
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We’ve got thousands of screen protectors in our catalogue, ready to ship. From anti-bacterial, anti-glare, matte, premium films, industry-specific finishes and much more – whatever the device and whatever finish you’re looking for, we can cover it.